Paleo Shepherds Pie: A Healthy Pie Recipe

In this video a make a delicious hearty paleo shepherd’s pie or also known as a cottage pie. This is a fantastic dish for a dinner party or when you need to feed a few people.

Full Recipe:

In this pie we have a delicious beef filling with some diced vegetables and a tomato sauce. For the top we use a delicious cauliflower mash that makes for the perfect replacement of potatoes mash. If you’re looking for a low carb pie, then this is certainly one you should look at cooking.

If you want to try a really traditional shepherd’s pie you can try adding some lamb brains, liver or other leftover meat. If you’re not a fan of beef you can also try replacing this with chicken, lamb or basically any other type of meat.

Whilst I use one big dish in this video you can also use smaller oven proof ramekins. This allows you to have nice little single sized servings. This is perfect if you want to freeze these down for later meals where you don’t feel like cooking anything.

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